Fireproof Safes

Associated Security supply a range of fireproof safes and fireproof cabinets across a number of sizes and grades to cater to all of our clients individual security needs. Constructed from galvanised steel plates and a virtually airtight recessed curvature door, our fireproof safes are specially designed to prevent fire and smoke damage to the contents of the safe. Each of our fireproof safes is insulated with a fire resistant material that actively repels heat, giving the safe the ability to prevent damage to its contents for a set period of time – from paper to digital media. 

Modern digital media is sensitive, easily damaged and susceptible to low levels of heat or humidity. The manufacturers recommend maximum exposure to heat must not exceed 52°C or humidity level greater than 85%. This is critical to protect your data. A fire can be particularly damaging for businesses. Statistics show that 56% of companies affected by loss or damage of digital media go out of business, due to a vital loss of trading information.  What is the value of the data you could loose? How many hours, days, weeks, and months did it take to compile? How many minutes will it take to lose? 

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