What are the different types of safe locks available?


When purchasing a safe, it is important to take into account every feature available to determine which best suits your needs. Many safes come with cash ratings, fire ratings and can even be insurance approved, but once you’ve decided which safe is the best fit for your requirements, then you need to choose a locking option.

At Associated Security, we have a substantial range of varying locking options for you to choose from. In this post, we will look at these options in a bit more detail, to hopefully provide extra insight into what would best suit you and your safe.

Different Types Of Safe Locks

Key Lock

Most safes come with this standard locking option, which is simply a key lock supplied with two keys. These manual safe locks are high quality and durable, as well as providing an alternative option to a keypad. Manual key locks can be ideal for those who regularly forget passcodes.

At Associated Security, we have a wide range of key locks available, including a large stock of modern key locks which are VdS approved standard.

AsSec 39E Digital Safe Lock

The 39E digital lock runs off a 9V battery pack which is fitted on the inside of the safe, however, this can also be charged via the outside battery compartment on the underside of the keypad, even when the safe is closed. Electronic locking systems can provide the ideal security for those who regularly lose or misplace keys. These types of locks are more commonly requested for businesses or offices as the lock allows up to 8 different users and 1 manager code. The manager code enables basic reprogramming on site, such as adding or deleting users and changing user codes.

Although more commonly requested for use in businesses or offices, this lock is also ideal for domestic use, as not all user codes need to be programmed.

AsSec 6630 3 Wheel Combination Lock & AsSec 6640 4 Wheel Combination Lock

These locks are the ones more commonly seen in the media, in certain ‘safe cracking’ scenes. These films depict the image that combination dial locks can be ‘cracked’ with the aid of a stethoscope, this, however, is untrue.

The AsSec 6630 lock is based on a model that became the standard of the safe lock industry over the last 35 years. With 1,000,000 possible combinations, these are notoriously difficult to get past and can be installed with a variety of attractive dials and rings in several finishes.

The AsSec 6640 lock has 100,000,000 possible combinations, thanks to the fourth wheel, and features false wheel gates and 2 hour manipulation resistance, again proving highly difficult to get in to.

So which lock is best for me?

Although there are many other locks available, these are our most popular and prove to withstand lengthy periods of time. All our safes come with a 1 year warranty on the locks, so if by some chance, it does break or there are any issues relating to the locking mechanism, our engineers are on hand to fix it.

The ideal lock for you can be seen to a subjective matter, as it all depends on whether you are better at locating keys or retaining an electronic code. However, all of these locks provide ideal high-security protection for the contents of the safe.

Find out more about our range of safe locks, or check out our domestic safes or commercial safes. For more information, or to discuss your requirements, get in touch or call 0161 832 2777.