Our safe identification services


As well as stocking a varied range of safes and security products, we also provide a range of services to our clients. From safe delivery and installation through to our unique safe identification service.

Although identifying the make and model of a safe may not seem like a common requirement, it’s actually a very useful service, especially for those who have acquired or inherited a safe that is missing key identification information.

Insurance companies generally request the make and model of a safe, so being able to relay this information can be crucially important in terms of insurance. When it comes to servicing and maintenance your safe servicing company will also need to know what type of safe you have.

If a business or domestic owner inherits an old or slightly worn safe, this can cause some issues for the new owner as it’s not always easy to work out the make and model of an old safe. 

What do our safe identification services include? 

Our safe identification service provides the new owner of a safe with more information about the security product they now have in their possession. When attempting to have any service work done on a safe, it is vital that the make and the model are provided. This will allow the service engineers to bring the correct equipment for the job as well as any parts that may need replacing.

If you’re looking to insure the safe and its contents, then your insurance provider would need to know the make and model of the safe in order to establish what grade the safe is. Safe grades relate to the amount of cash cover and valuables cover provided, so insurance companies need this information to determine what can and cannot be covered. 

How to use our safe identification services

At Associated Security, we’re more than happy to offer this as a free service for anyone who may require their safe identifying. We’re happy to offer our insight and expertise when it comes to determining what make or model your safe is and whether it may require any service work. To get in touch regarding this specific service, email us a picture of the safe and any information you may have to identifymysafe@associated-security.co.uk, or if you have any further questions or fancy checking out our full range of security products and services don’t hesitate to get in touch, call us on 0161 832 2777.