Our Process for Reconditioning a Safe


At Associated Security, we hold environmental issues in the highest regard and do what we can to help minimise waste.

One of the main ways we aim to be more environmentally responsible is by helping to reduce the number of waste products entering landfill. Through our process of reconditioning old safes, we can give old safes, that might otherwise have been scrapped and sent to landfill, a second lease of life, restoring them to perfect working condition.

Reconditioning safes not only prevents excess scrap metal being wasted, but it also means we can provide high-quality security solutions at a reduced cost for customers who may be on a budget.

How does reconditioning an old safe work? 

To restore an old safe the first step would be to thoroughly clean it out, ensuring the interior is spotless for its new owner. The safe will then be sanded down, which removes the old paint job in order for a primer to be applied to the outer layer of the safe. Once the primer has been applied, that’s when we can begin to re-paint the safe, making it appear as if it were brand new! The locks, hinges and bolts are all removed and replaced, ensuring that there is no damage or rust on the safe before it is re-sold. 

What are the benefits of a reconditioned safe? 

Our reconditioned safes are all tested and restored to the highest security standard, ensuring there are no faults or issues with the protection that the safe can provide.  Our range of reconditioned safes provides an ideal balance between quality and value. 

By purchasing a reconditioned safe, you will receive a safe at an incredible price and our high standard of reconditioning means that the safe will be just as good as new!

As for comparing the difference between a new versus reconditioned safe, there is no difference in the security level or quality of the safe itself. A reconditioned safe is just as secure as a new model so there is no compromise of the security of the contents. 

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