Safe Deposit Box

Safe Deposit Boxes

Utilise the extra space within your strong room by installing safe deposit boxes as a solution for individual storage of valuables. 

Custom made to fit into your desired area, our safe deposit boxes operate under dual control

to ensure the highest level of security for your items.

These safe deposit boxes are available as a free standing unit or are fixable to a wall. 

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Safe Deposit Box Design

    • Made from high quality 10mm steel.
    • Internal hinges enable a 96° opening angle.
    • Color: Doors painted a medium grey and housing light grey as standard*.

    *Other colours are available on request.

    Locking (2 Key Systems)

    Each deposit box is operated by two keys:

    • One customer key
    • One staff key

    Locking (Automated Systems)

    Deposit boxes are electronically controlled via biometric and access control systems (No Guard Required). 

    Various optional extras - ask for more details

    • Safe Deposit Vaults
    • Safe Deposit Centres
    • Safe Deposit Strongrooms
    • Safe Deposit Boxes
    • Vault Boxes

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