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With 70 years of experience, broad client base and safe manufacturing skills, we know that security isn’t a one size fits all solution. Working with our clients on specific projects, we have provided numerous security innovations and bespoke ranges including safes, strongrooms, interlocking door systems to suit specific site issues, ensuring the most efficient solutions for our clients.

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Bespoke Strongrooms

Bespoke StrongroomsStrongroom vaults or demountable strong rooms are our speciality and we can design, manufacture and fit any size of vault to your specifications by taking in to consideration the desired shape, total size and location of the door.

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Interlocking Door Systems

Interlocking Door SystemsControlling the access to secure areas is one of the first things a business needs to consider. Automation and interlock systems provide safe and convenient means of accessing rooms in a controlled environment. These bespoke systems can be applied to any number of doors, from two doors to an entire building.

Doors can be hinged, sliding, roller, manual, automatic, or any combination. Access options include push button, keypads, swipe cards, biometric, sensors, keys or any combination of these methods.Doors can also be interlinked, interlocked or sequenced and we can create connections to many types of activation devices from basic push button to a fully integrated building management system. These are just three examples of bespoke solutions we can develop for our customers.

If you would like to find out how your business could benefit from our team of designers and developers, whatever your security requirement, call or email today.

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Case study: Bespoke Safes

Bespoke SafesA high street retail consortium approached us for a solution to the problematic and vulnerable time of the daily cash collection and delivery.

We visited sites, carried out surveys and collected feedback from staff. This information allowed us to design a brand new safe that reduced the risk to the cash in transit and up its collection and delivery, whilst also maintaining the footprint and time delay feature of their previous safe. The subsequent positive feedback that we received led to a rollout programme and the safe has since been taken up by and modified for other industries.

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