Why should you use an MLA approved locksmith?


MLA stands for the Master Locksmiths Association, which is the largest locksmiths association in the UK. The MLA is a not for profit organisation which has established its own licensing scheme in which its approved companies are vetted, undergo regular inspections to ensure quality is maintained, and employ locksmiths who hold exam based qualifications. So by using an MLA approved locksmith you can guarantee that they have the correct qualifications which will provide peace of mind that the job will be done properly.

The MLA is recognised by many national government institutions such as; the police forces, Home Office, British Standards Institute, RISC Authority, Building Research Establishment and the Neighbourhood and Home Watch networks.

The association was established over 50 years ago with their motto being “skill and integrity”. They are the leading trade association for the locksmith industry providing high standards and promoting the level of skills and ethics within the industry.

At Associated Security we ensure that all our locksmiths, working up and down the country, are MLA approved. This means you can be sure the installation of your security products will always be up to scratch and to this highest standard.

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