Why Do I Need an Insurance Approved Safe?


If you are a small business looking for a safe, you will often be required to purchase one that is insurance approved but what exactly does that mean and why is it so important?

All small businesses are required to have insurance to cover their valuable assets in the event of disaster. While many of us hope that we will never experience something like that, it is sensible to plan for the worst so you are not left out of pocket if it does happen.

As part of their policy coverage, insurance companies will usually require the storage of higher-value items within a high security, graded safe. They will recommend a grading or cash rating. The grading relates to the results of vigorous testings on the safe to see how secure the safe is whereas a cash rating is guidance about how much cash can be stored within the safe in order to be covered by the correct insurance policy. To find out how much valuables you can store within the safe you will need to multiply the cash rating by ten to achieve its valuables rating.

By purchasing a safe that has been approved by insurers you will have a safe with the necessary strength and durability to protect your most valuable assets. This will provide you with that extra peace of mind that your safe is secure enough for the insurance company to put their guarantee on it that if someone did manage to get inside, you will get the payout.

AIS Approval

In order to make it easier to find a safe that will be approved by your insurance company and deemed secure enough to be appropriately covered, The Association of Insurance Surveyors is a useful resource. AIS is a well-known and respected body who put their approval on safes they deem to be up to the high standards of the insurance industry. Most UK insurers trust the judgement of AIS and will often only recommend safes approved by the body.

Where to Get Insurance Approved Safes

Here at Associated Security, we strive to provide a range of safes ideal for small businesses and all come with the AIS stamp of approval. To discuss the range of safes we can provide for you, call us on 0161 832 2777 with the cash rating or grading recommended by your insurance company.

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