What is Access Control?


Access control is the process of using locks and/or technology on doors or entrances to or within a building. The term can refer to a range of systems with the purpose of monitoring, controlling or even restricting access. Using this system saves the time and resources of using people to manually decide who can and can’t go through to certain areas.

Who Needs Access Control & Why?

Some of the main business sectors that utilise access control are education, manufacturing, retail and healthcare. Access control can also be found in care homes and general offices. In fact, you probably pass hundreds of access control systems every day without even realising.

As I’ve said, these systems are put in place to restrict access to various locations within buildings without wasting resources. Whether for health and safety reasons or to protect confidential documents, each company has different reasons for putting access controls in place but there is a long list of benefits;

  • Protects valuables from theft
  • Restricts access for unauthorised individuals
  • Protect unauthorised individuals from entering areas without required safety equipment
  • Convenient security solution
  • Cost effective access systems
  • Highly secure systems
  • Staff feel protected

What Kinds of Access Controls Are There?

Electronic Access Control

Electronic access control systems include any systems that require a keypad, swipe card, proximity reader, fob or form of biometric technology to gain access. These systems are high tech and enable time outs for your lock as well as audit trails to trace who has accessed which areas and when.

Mechanical Access Control

Mechanical access control grants access via pin codes or authorised keys. This simple yet effective solution is great for when keys are inconvenient but you don’t have the budget to spend on electronic access control.

Manual Door Locks

Sometimes, all that is needed for certain doors in your building is a manual door lock. This ensures that no one can gain access to a room or building without the specific key to unlock the door.

Interlocking Door Systems

Interlocking door systems provide an effective way of keeping intruders from sensitive areas of your building by implementing two highly secure and lockable doors which must both be unlocked with the correct credentials before access is granted. The system is made even more secure because the first door must be closed (and automatically re-locked) before access is granted through the second.

Associated Security Can Help

Here at Associated Security we understand the needs for businesses to protect their property through access control. We offer a wide range of access control options to suit businesses in a wide range of sectors. We can supply, install, repair, service or upgrade your existing systems. We can even provide bespoke solutions to suit your needs. For more information, send an enquiry via our website or give us a call on 0161 832 2777.

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