The Most Secure Structures on the Planet Our Top Ten


1.  Fort Knox

Purpose: Facility for all US monetary assets - estimated to be 5,000 tonnes of gold (equal to 2% of all gold ever mined from earth.)

Known security: Surrounding military camp; secure bank vault; deep basement location; a 250 tonne door.

Location: Kentucky, USA.

2.  Cheyenne Mountain

Purpose: Intelligence centre for the United States Space Command and the North American Aerospace Defence Command.

Known security: Blast doors weigh 25 tonnes individually. Thought to be strong enough to withstand nuclear detonation. Built under 2,000 feet (610 m) of granite. Protected from movement by an earthquake or explosion by a system of giant springs that the buildings sit on and flexible pipe connectors to limit the operational effect of movement.

Location: Colorado Springs, USA.

3.  Haven Co

Purpose: Provides data protection.

Known security: Access is only permitted for authorised staff members, investors and the Royal Family; impenetrable location in the sea.

Location: North Sea, approximately 6 miles away from Suffolk, England.

4.  Area 51

Purpose: US military base.

Known security: Few aside from high ranking officials understand the exact purpose of the facility – it is rumoured to be a testing ground for advanced military aircraft; secret security measures; remote location.

Location: Remote deserts surrounding Las Vegas.

5.  Air Force One

Purpose: Aircraft for the President of the USA.

Known security: The world’s most advanced flight avoidance, air-to-air defence, and electronics technology packages available anywhere in the world.

Location: The world’s most secure moving location.

6.  ADX Florence Prison

Purpose: A maximum security prison for extremely infamous male offenders. Current residents of the prison include infamous “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid, 9/11 terrorist mastermind Zacarias Moussaoui, and Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols among manyothers. 

Known security: This facility has earned the nickname of “Alcatraz of the Rockies.” Described by one former ADX warden as “a cleaner version of hell”, security measures at the prison include attack dogs guarding the area between the prison walls, high razor wire fences, 1400 remotely controlled steel doors, motion detecting laser beams, pressure pads and cameras.

Location: Colorado.

7.  The 1960’s Bar

Purpose: A refuge for government officials to reconstruct Britain in the event of a nuclear attack during the Cold War. It was also to serve as a bar for the officials in question. 

Known security: Deep underground location; over a kilometre in length; boasting over 60 miles of roads; a blast proof and completely self-sufficient the secret underground site could accommodate up to 4,000 people, in complete isolation from the outside world, for up to three months.

Location: Located 100 feet underground within Britain’s secret subterranean Burlington bunker complex in Wiltshire, England.

8.  Bold Lane

Purpose: Secure car park.

Known security: CCTV cameras, panic buttons, bar-code scanning entry doors, and advanced sensors controlled by a central computer that detect any and all movements of each car.

Location: Derby, England.

9.  Deposed Iraqi Leader Saddam Hussein’s Baghdad Bunker

Purpose: Defend Saddam Husain against US military attack.

Known security: The 2,150 square-yard bunker was originally designed to withstand the blast of a nuclear bomb and house 50 people. Located nearly 100 feet underground, security measures for the Dictator’s refuge included three-ton Swiss-made doors, 5ft-thick walls, a 6ft-thick steel-reinforced concrete ceiling, and two escape tunnels.

Location: Iraq.

10.  Granite Mt. Mormon Church Records Facility

Purpose: The records storage of the Mormon Church.

Known security: Armed guards; metal gates; tunnel entrance; excavated 600 ft inside the mountain; a vault featuring state-of-the-art environmentally controlled document storage chambers, administrative offices, shipping and receiving docks, a processing facility and a restoration laboratory for microfilm.

Location: Granite Mountains, Utah.

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