The 3 Most Common Entry Points Used by Burglars


When thinking about home break-ins, many people assume that a burglar uses force to gain entry to homes. However, in over half of incidents, that’s just not the case. Burglars aren’t shy about using easy entry points and if something is left unlocked, this just provides them with an easy target.

What Are The 3 Most Common Entry Points?

Shockingly, 34% of burglars actually gain access through the front door. This could come as a surprise to most homeowners as it may seem too blatant for burglars to let themselves into your home in this way. Entering through the front door has the highest percentage for access points used by burglars to gain entry to your home.

The second most commonly used entry point to a home is via back doors or sliding patio doors. Entrance through the rear of your home could seem more probable, as neighbours or passers-by are less likely to spot an intruder entering the house. But this access point is used in just 22% of burglaries.

A common mistake homeowners tend to make is not securing the door from your home into the garage, just because the garage door itself is locked. In 10% of cases, this is how burglars gained access to the home. Garage doors can be easily manipulated and opened, which then provides the intruders with a simple and direct access route straight into your home. 

How to Prevent Yourself From Becoming A Burglary Victim

There are some simple steps which homeowners can follow to ensure that the likelihood of their home being targeted is dramatically reduced.

Lock all of your windows and doors

Opportunist burglars will see unlocked entry points as an easy target and utilise this opportunity. Installing dead bolt or double locks onto doors and windows, along with sash jammers on sliding doors, will help to prevent burglars being able to crack the locks and gain access. 

Install motion sensor lights around the front and back of your home. 

By having these lights installed, it will draw attention to your home if ever someone is approaching any entrance points.

‘Hiding’ keys under plant pots, doormats or any other object by the door is not secure.

Burglars know to look for these hiding spots and if the key is found, they will be able to let themselves in. Install a key box outside your door which will hold keys securely.

Protecting Your Valuables

If the worst were to happen, and your home was targeted by burglars, having a home safe installed could prevent your most important or valuable items being stolen. Home safes are the ideal security solution as they provide protection for the items that matter most, providing you with peace of mind.

At Associated Security, we have a wide range of home safes, including insurance approved safes and fire resistant safes, to protect your valuables no matter what happens.

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