Stadium Security In The Spotlight


Following the recent security breach at Old Trafford Football Ground, stadium security processes have been thrust into the spotlight highlighting a need to reassess what is currently in place.

With major sporting events taking place this summer (the European Championships in France and the Olympics in Rio, Brazil), many stadiums across the world need to tighten their security to ensure there are no more incidents like the one before Manchester United’s last game of the season on the 15th of May.

Today, Associated Security will present a number of the security measures UK stadiums can put in place to protect from unnecessary security risks.

Access Control

Tens of thousands of people attend events in stadiums meaning it is vital to monitor who has access to restricted areas. There are a wide range of access control solutions on the market enabling you to secure areas that can only be accessed by authorised personnel. Digital access control can even produce an audit of who has unlocked a specific door and when while biometric technology removes the need to remember keys or codes, granting access solely through a user’s fingerprint.

Safes & Cabinets

In order to securely store cash, valuables and important documents within the stadium (while the event is taking place and when the stadium is not being used), a safe or security cabinet is a highly effective solution. Safes come graded to indicate the amount of cash and valuables that can be stored within it. Insurance companies will often recommend the level of grading which will be covered by your policy. They also come in a wide variety of sizes so you can find one which fits in your desired location.

Key Control

Lots of different people will be employed in different roles around a stadium during events. This can result in hundreds of keys being held by a wide range of employees. In order to avoid these keys being lost or stolen, it is useful to install a secure key cabinet which can store all of these keys using a range of protection from one user opening to separate locks for each key.

Security Gates

In terms of securing the perimeter of the stadium when not in use, security gates will provide a high level of protection. There are two main types of gate, a swinging gate or a sliding gate, and depending on the amount of space you have around the gate space, each can bring their own benefits. To ensure that the gates continue to work effectively and provide protection against trespassers, you will need to have the gates serviced regularly and have them pressure tested.

Till Solutions and Cash Management

The larger the stadium, the more vendors are situated around the concourse meaning large amounts of cash being handled. This means that there will need to be efficient cash management solutions in place to secure and count the money quickly and easily. From small coin counters to large banknote dispensers and coin recyclers, counting the day’s takings can be streamlined into one concise and secure process. Air tube systems are also a vital security solution, allowing for cash to be easily deposited into a secure safe via the air tube without leaving the counter position.

Associated Security Solutions

Associated Security Solutions are the UK leader in the supply, installation and maintenance of a wide range of sophisticated security products. We provide safes, cabinets, access control, key control, till solutions, and security gates to businesses from a wide range of industries. Our highly trained, CRB checked, engineers operate across the UK including Manchester, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle and more.

For more information about the security products we can provide to protect stadiums, get in touch today on 0161 832 2777.

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