Spotlight on ATM Protection


Here at Associated Security, we are always designing and developing new solutions and our latest innovation is the AsSec ATM Plinth and Chain Kit.

ATMs are often a weakness in many Retail Banking outlets. Not only are they accessed throughout the day and hold high volumes of cash, in most instances they are located in the exterior of the building making them an easy target for attack.

With our new innovation, we are helping you, our customers, stay one step ahead of the attackers.  

The ATM plinth will collapse on impact of an external attack, lowering and pulling the ATM away from the access point and out of immediate danger. After the ATM plinth has collapsed, a steel sheet will then drop from above and cover the vacant hole thus maintaining the bank’s security and stopping the thieves from climbing through.

The ATM chains are rated for 1.5-2 tonne and have 3 in built methods to secure the anchor bolt and chain connector. Firstly, an inner threaded plug is used, then it is side pinned in place and finally it is covered with a tamper cap. The chains are available in two styles – adjustable and non-adjustable. The adjustable style allows the chains to suit any height of plinth.