SLS is Reborn


Security Lock and Safe or ‘SLS’ as they would soon become known, were founded in 1967 by two former Chubb employees Roger Painter and John Stinson, along with local engineer Derek Axford.

After a brief period supplying and installing Stratford and Chubb safes to various companies throughout the country, demand was high for SLS services and the supply of other people’s safes became problematic. SLS then decided to venture into safe manufacturing.

With the knowledge and experience gained whilst working with Chubb, along with innovative new ideas, premises were sought and rough sketches were converted into prototypes. The SLS vision was to build two ranges of safe; a lightweight range and heavyweight range, using common parts wherever possible, to make production and supply easier.

In 1970, SLS introduced their famous ‘Bankers’ range, incorporating more barrier materials and utilising refractory waste, which were a direct challenge to Chubb’s famous TDR (Torch and Drill Resistant barrier) safes.

By this time SLS safes were being exported across the globe, in vast numbers, particularly the USA, where SLS are still regarded as one of the finest safe manufacturers to this day.

In 1972 SLS became part of the Mather and Platt group, a specialist foundry, casting and engineering company based in Manchester. This meant access to a wider range of facilities and use of alloys and ceramic aggregates.

The carcass castings were made at The Park Foundry in Manchester, and then transported to Telford to be made into safes. During this period the SLS team came up with a method of suspending ceramic nuggets in an alloy casting, to achieve the ultimate anti-drill, anti thermal lance barrier, which led to the development of the famous ‘Gem Anti-Lance Safe’. It was considered by many, to be the finest safe in the world, offering protection at least twelve times greater than any other Bankers safe. It was independently tested by the ‘Underwriters Laboratory Inc’ in Chicago against torch, tool and explosive attack, achieving in excess of US UL TX TL60, by a substantial margin of protection. 

SLS set the modern standards of construction, holding many patents which are now common place within the safe manufacturing industry.

Some forty seven years after the initial conception, SLS returns to the market place, with the launch of the new 5020 and 6020 Bankers Grade safe. Featuring innovative new barrier materials and security features, along with versatile compartments and storage features, the brand is ready once again to challenge the norm and offer customers more for their money.