Security Solutions Made For Retailers


Finding security solutions specifically designed for use in retail environments can seem like a daunting task. With so many options available, how do you know what the right solution is for you? Here at Associated Security we have specially designed and manufactured security solutions to assist in the retail industry.

Read on to find out what specialist security solutions we have to offer the retail industry.

Security Solutions For Retailers

AsSec Till Safe

The AsSec Till Safe was designed to be installed within the till area of the store, for securely depositing cash without having to leave the counter area. The area in retail stores where the tills are located are commonly threatened or targeted as thieves try and get away with the money from the till.

By having an AsSec Till Safe installed in the counter area, this allows the float in the till to be minimal, as large quantities of cash can be directly deposited into the safe. The money that is deposited into the safe drops into a secure inner coffer and the inner compartments can be secured and protected by time delay locking systems.

AsSec K500

Keeping control of cash management solutions in the retail industry can be overwhelming at times, however, the AsSec K500 has been created to solve all these problems. This intelligent cash machine can save time and money by providing a one-stop solution to back-office cash management.

The AsSec K500 has been designed and manufactured to accept all new banknotes and new £1 coins. The machine can automatically deposit and withdraw cash without having to count everything out manually and all notes are neatly stacked inside the machine. The benefits of having an AsSec K500 include the optimisation of staff resources, reducing personnel costs and it reduces the amount of CIT collections required.

Flip Lid Skimmer

Ensuring the till is fully secured is essential in retail environments and with organised crime groups and thieves targeting retail stores, this is becoming more difficult. The Flip Lid Skimmer ensures that both checkout staff and cash are protected.

The Flip Lid Skimmer comes with a wide range of plastic or steel inserts, fixed or removable coin cups, coin cups suitable for weighing, counting and has an anti-grab flap over the note compartment. It has a heavy-duty latching mechanism and is constructed of robust steel. Keeping the cash in the till secure is vitally important in protecting both the contents of the till and the staff members manning them, which is why the Flip Lid Skimmer works as a beneficial security solution.

Protecting Your Business

Ensuring that your business is protected from theft is crucial for the protection of cash, goods, staff and the company itself. By implementing some simple strategies to protect your business from burglary, as well as installing some of our high-security solutions, you can help to prevent becoming a target for burglars.

Find out more about our range of commercial safes for retail as well as our till solutions and the range of security services we offer here at Associated Security. Get in touch to discuss your requirements with us or come and visit our Manchester showroom, we can be found at Security House, 25 Addington Street, M4 5EU just pop in or call 0161 832 2777.