Security risks caused by Social Media


Nowadays the majority of people you meet will have some form of social media account, whether that be Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. These platforms allow people to post pictures, updates and check in and out of places online. However this can cause a problem by possibly attracting the wrong kinds of people to your posts.

Security risks from using social media

If you are posting pictures online of expensive items such as jewellery, money and electronic goods this could attract burglars to your location. One common security problem with social media is advertising birthdays and Christmas, when people tend to display all the lovely things they were bought through their social media accounts. By doing this you are essentially publicising the valuable items in your home which could result in your property being targeted.

How to minimise the risk

In order to prevent this from happening you should review the posts before you publish them to make sure there is no link to your address or location of all the valuables. The other way to prevent this would be to not post the pictures of the expensive items, this would remove any risk of your home being targeted due to social media as thieves would not have been able to see the contents of your home without first breaking in.

Another security risk, which is quite common on Facebook, is checking in for a holiday. Many people like to let others know that they’re off for a bit of sun but what they don’t realise is that this also lets people know that their house is vacant for the next 1-2 weeks making it that much easier for burglars to target the house.

To keep your home safe whilst you are away it is wise not to advertise this fact, it is safer to refrain from checking into the airport and telling your whole contact list that you’ll be sunbathing in Greece for 2 weeks. That way only those who are close to you and you trust will know that you are away. It is also wise to give a set of keys to one of these trustworthy people so that they can check up on the house whilst you are away, thus giving you further peace of mind that your home is safe and secure. If you are adamant on posting whilst you are away and sharing the wonderful time you are having, then reviewing your privacy settings can also help prevent the possibility of your home being broken into. This way only certain groups of people – such as the ones you are close to – will be able to see your posts and photos of the trip.

Of course social media can still be used for its intentions and users can post whatever they desire – so long as it does not breach the terms of the site – but by taking precautions before posting you can ensure that your personal information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Security for your home

For further contentment that your home is safe, we recommend installing security alarms and CCTV. This way any break in that could occur will alert you or neighbours immediately that there is someone in your home and capture the perpetrators on camera which would help the police to catch the thieves and retrieve your stolen goods – if they’d managed to get away with anything. 

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