Safes are our Speciality


More and more we are being asked to design bespoke safes for domestic use that look and feel as part of the furniture. The interest in refurbishing old safes into modern pieces of art is also growing and we can provide a solution for either requirement.

If you have an old safe that you want refurbishing, we will remove any metal finishes, re-spray the paint in any colour, replace all boltwork and locks and add any final flourishes that are required.

However, if you are looking for a complete new, bespoke design, we can also help with that.

It may be that you collect watches, jewellery, art and designed objects and so want peace of mind and protection for your valuables, but without compromising on design.

Bespoke jewellery solutions are available such as specific compartments lined with smooth material and custom sized pull-out trays. There are also specialist watch safes with inbuilt automatic watch winders and watch cases with glass covers.

Even though the design is important, there is no compromise on security with the safes tested to Eurograde standards and locks to EN1143/1.

They can be finished in a wide range of lacquers, paints, natural or artificial surfaces including marble or polished mahogany finishes.

If you would like anymore information on either option of bespoke safe, please contact us or call our Sales Office on 0161 832 2777 Opt 2.