Safe As Houses


Christmas is a time for relaxing, seeing your family and friends and eating lots of nice food; but it is also about giving and receiving expensive presents! The average spending figures for Christmas presents is £599 and the predicted spend in the January sales averages at £92.58 per person.  Therefore, it is fair to estimate that the increase in a household’s valuables from November to February is approximately £500. Not all of these items will be high net worth, but there will still be lots of new iPads, digital cameras, jewellery and watches.

It is a sad fact that Christmas is also the favourite time of burglars with the darker nights and empty house giving them many more opportunities to strike. There any many measures you can put in place to make you, your family and your house less vulnerable.

It sounds silly, but check you have locked up properly! Gates, patio doors and windows should all be well secured. Make sure there are no direct views straight into your property and if possible leave a light on, or even better, invest a light timer. If you are in the house, make sure you don’t leave your keys in the back of the door or on a table near to the door. Keys can be fished through via a letterbox, so make sure you are not giving would-be thieves the right opportunities. Once you have covered the basics, you can then look at a decent, visible alarm system, security lights and possibly CCTV.

However, you can only do so much to stop them getting in, so it is prudent to then provide extra security for your most expensive items whilst inside the house. Domestic safes are becoming more and more affordable with a range of brands, makes and models on the market. Not only does this remove valuables out of sight (one of the London Metropolitan Police’s top 10 tips) it makes them much more difficult to just pick up and run off with – time is always of the essence.

With prices starting at £69 for a small safe to cover up to £10k worth of valuables, or £1k cash, it really is affordable to stay protected. If you would like to discuss some of our domestic safe options, just call us on 0161 832 2777 opt 2 or drop us an email at