Safe and Door Interlock


Earlier this year, we were approached by a few of our clients who had an issue whereby during cash delivery/collection, there was increased risk because they did have the space in smaller sites to install a two door interlock system. An interlocking system is made up by two doors between the non-secure and secure areas. The inner pass door cannot be opened while the outer pass door is open and likewise, the outer pass door cannot be opened if the inner door is. This means that at all times there is a single door barrier between the public and the secure area.

However, in these smaller sites, there is simply no space to install a system like this and so other potions such a cash transfer unit have to be considered. This can be quite costly with the unit not being cheap as well as the installation and construction work that may also be required.

So, true to form, Associated Security has created a unique solution to this problem. Utilising a digital safe lock and an access control keypad, they have made an interlocking system between the single pass door and the safe door. This means that the secure area cannot be entered via the pass door if the safe door is open and also if the pass door is opened; the safe cannot be accessed.

This is an affordable solution as we can look at incorporating your current digital safe lock and access control system rather than replacing it all with new. It also means that staff will not have to learn to use a whole new system as they will already be familiar with the individual locks.

The diagram below shows how the basic system works. If you would like to know more about this option, please contact Stephen or Fiona at the Head Office in Manchester on 0161 832 2777 opt 2 or email