PIN Shields Are Being Used to Combat New ATM Scam


Recently the news has been filled with reports of ATM scams taking place up and down the country as well as throughout Europe too. Since its inception in the 1960s, the ATM has been one of the world’s most innovative inventions allowing users to withdraw cash from their accounts at any machine, any time of day. Unfortunately, along with this convenience, they have also attracted criminals who are intent on getting a quick buck. As technology has advanced, so have the methods criminals are using but recently a simple scam has swept the nation.

Distraction ATM Scam

High street bank, Barclays recently released a video showing the latest scam in action. The criminals play on a distraction technique enabling the victim’s card to be swapped while they are distracted by events taking place behind them. Before the swap takes place, the distracter also looks over the victim’s shoulder to get the all-important PIN number.

As you can see from the video above, the scam is well planned and executed, and according to reports many of the public have already fallen victim to it.

PIN Shields – A Simple Solution

Barclay’s have released the video in order to make ATM users more aware and hopefully prompt them to be more alert when using the cash machines. As well as making the public aware of the scam, banks can also put measures in place to prevent the crimes; a PIN shield for example.

The PIN shield comes in many different models but all have one aim, to prevent anyone other than the user from seeing the PIN that is being entered into the machine. Without the PIN number, these distraction crimes become much more difficult to execute and can go a long way to ensuring the privacy of ATM users.

Advice for ATM Users

As well as the solutions being put in place by banks, there are also some tips that users themselves can bear in mind:

  1. Try to avoid becoming distracted while using the ATM.
  2. If someone tries to speak to you while you are using the ATM, don’t respond until you have finished using the machine.
  3. If a cash machine looks like it has been tampered with or someone suspicious is loitering nearby, don’t use the machine.
  4. Where possible, try and use machines which offer a PIN shield as security for your details.
  5. If you suspect you details have been stolen, call your bank straight away.

Associated Security Solutions

Here at Associated Security, we offer a range of ATM protection solutions for both retained sites and in-store ATMs including PIN shields, ATM pods, plinths, locking bars and anti-explosion mats. For more information about how we can help you, take a look at our website or call our sales advisors on 0161 832 2777.

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