New Green Wagon


Over the past six months, we have started working towards our ISO 14001 in Environmental Management and are hoping receive our certificate in January 2015.

We have assessed all areas of the business to see how we can be more environmentally aware and with over 60 engineers on the road; our vehicle fleet is the area of our businesses that has the biggest impact on our Carbon Footprint. UK vehicle traffic is the largest and fastest growing source of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide). To try and tackle this, a low emission zone covering all roads within Greater London was introduced and in 2008 any vehicle travelling through it must adhere to strict regulations, or they face a hefty fine.

In light of this, we have been looking at more environmentally efficient vehicles and have invested in a brand new Scania wagon with the new Euro 5 engine which has been added to our fleet.

This means the wagon meets the requirements of all low emission zones across Europe as the engine uses a common rail fuel injection system with piezoelectric actuators, allowing the optimisation of the combustion process and reducing pollutant emissions.

Not only this, but as the wagon is more fuel efficient, it allows us to be more competitive on price. Also, the new bigger Hiab crane on the back of the wagon now reaches up to 14metres, which means we can now access 3rd floor windows for specialist jobs.