Manchester Travel Providers Step Up Security


Extra police and security teams will be patrolling the regions buses and trams as of this week as part of a passenger safety drive. The move comes after KeolisAmey was named as the new operator of Greater Manchester’s Metrolink light rail network. Aline Frantzen, new MD of KeolisAmey Metrolink said one of their key commitments was to enhance safety and security to improve passenger experience.

New bosses have unveiled plans to introduce 900 extra hours of security support per week with 24 new TravelSafe Officers (TSO’s). TravelSafe, a security team across buses and trams, will be supported by 50 new PSCO’s from Monday (17th July). They will join a new police sergeant and 4 new police constables. The team will be dedicated to ensuring the safety of passengers and dealing with any incidents on the network.

What’s behind the increased security measures?

The increase in transport security follows months of concerning reports of anti-social behaviour on transport – including the incident in May where a driver was taken to hospital to be treated after a brick had been thrown through his windscreen from a bridge in Oldham. Transport bosses insist that crime and anti-social behaviour is relatively rare on buses and trams with 206 million journeys made by bus last year, and 37 million made by trams.

Matt Kitchen, operations manager at Stagecoach Manchester, said the new increase in security for transport was a great example of how operators, transport bosses and police are working together to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. He said safety was their priority. First Manchester’s boss Adrian Worsfold agreed, adding: “As a result of the TravelSafe Partnership we have already seen the positive impact that the presence of security officers can bring to our services, as we work together to reduce anti-social behaviour.”

 Security increases have been becoming more and more common lately, due to recent attacks around the world, including those in the UK. These step-ups in the protection of people at events, festivals and now transport have been well-received as the communities are greatly appreciating the work being put in by local policing teams and event staff.

Remaining Vigilant

Personal security is vital as items stolen in robberies can be replaced if needed, but a life cannot be. Keeping yourself safe at all times is massively important and thankfully companies are beginning to put further security measures in place to help with this. If you ever see anything or anyone you deem to be suspicious, it should be reported immediately – even if it ends up to be nothing.

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