Key Features to Look For When Buying A Safe


If you’re thinking about buying a safe for your home or business it’s important to consider your requirements first, as doing this will help you to decide on what features you’ll need from your safe.  

Safes come with a variety of different features and cash ratings and there are many different sizes and styles of safe to choose from too.

Deciding which will be the right safe for you can seem quite daunting, but we’ve put together this feature to give you information about some of the key features of safes, helping you to determine which safe will be most suitable for your needs.  

What Types of Safes Are Available?

There are many different safes available for you to choose from which all come with their own unique benefits. Before deciding on which safe will best suit your requirements, it makes sense to weigh up your options.

Deposit Safes

Deposit safes are an ideal security solution for retail or office environments. These safes have deposit slots which allow envelopes, capsules or cash to be deposited directly into the body of the safe without having to open it each time. The deposit options available for safes are rotary, slot, drawer, and capsule systems.

Commercial Safes

These safes are specifically designed and manufactured to provide a high-quality security solution for business environments, whether that is a large commercial organisation or a small independent business. Commercial safes provide an added layer of security for any cash or valuables left within the premises of the business overnight or when the offices are closed. Commercial safes tend to be slightly larger than domestic safes as there is usually more required to store within these.

Domestic Safes

Domestic safes have been designed and manufactured specifically for use within the home. This kind of safe provides extra protection for any cash and valuables lying around the home. Domestic safes tend to be smaller than commercial safes.

Cash And Valuables Ratings

When considering purchasing a safe, it would be wise to contemplate cash and valuables ratings. These ratings indicate how much cash and the value of any items which are kept in the safe at any given. Cash and valuables ratings correspond with the grading of safes, so purchasing a grade certified safe will have the added bonus of cash and valuable ratings attached to it.

Insurance Approved Safes

If your insurer has recommended or requested purchasing a safe then there are insurance approved options available. Insurance approved safes comply with European standards giving you peace of mind.

Types of Locking Systems

There are a few locking options to choose from when purchasing a safe. The standard locking system would be the key lock, this system comes provided with 2 keys. The electronic locking systems work by entering a code to unlock the safe, whereas biometric locking systems scan fingerprints to unlock the safe door.

Fire Protection

If you require added protection for the documents, cash or media data stored within your safe then it makes sense to consider purchasing a safe that comes with protection against fires. Fire protection ranges from 30 minutes up to 180 minutes, meaning that the contents of the safe would be protected for that length of time if a fire were to break out.

Added Protection and Peace of Mind

Purchasing a safe is definitely a task that requires more consideration and strategic planning than other security solutions, however, they provide high-quality protection for your cash and valuables, as well as peace of mind that the contents are secure.

By taking into account the various options offered when buying a safe, this will help to paint a clear picture in your mind of what your requirements really are.

Still unsure what kind of safe you need?

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