Is Your Business On Top of Cyber Security?


The latest Ponemon Institute Survey has revealed that many companies are not dealing with the threat of cyber hacking effectively.

The survey states that cyber attacks are typically noticed after 98 days of activity in financial services firms, and 197 days in retailers. Despite these results, 58% of financial services firms and 71% of retailers said that they do not have the infrastructure to improve their cyber security.

Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman of the Ponemon Institute stated, “The time to detect an advanced threat is far too long; attackers are getting in and staying long enough that the damage caused is often irreparable.”

It is clear that companies need to take greater care when it comes to cyber security. To keep your business secure, implement our following tips:

  1. Understand you’re a key target for hackers – your company information is a highly valuable commodity.
  2. Make sure your passwords are secure – use a combination of numbers, symbols & letters.
  3. Do not leave your devices unattended. If you are away from your computer make sure it’s logged out.
  4. Be cautious when opening emails & don’t click on links within emails unless you are expecting the message.
  5. Browsing whilst using sensitive data should only be completed on personal devices & should not be completed on shared networks or Wi-Fi connections.
  6. Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date.
  7. Take care when plugging external elements in to your computer. Malware can be spread rapidly through hard drives.
  8. Be careful on social media – criminals can befriend you easily & gain access to your sensitive information.
  9. Guard your details closely. If a company asks you for your details it’s okay to say “no” – be completely sure of the company before handing anything over.
  10. Invest in a fireproof data security safe.

Associated Security supply a wide range of fireproof data security safes. Digital media is both extremely sensitive and susceptible to heat. Manufacturers recommend that the maximum exposure to heat must not exceed 52°C or a humidity level greater than 85%. A fire can be particularly damaging for a business. Statistics show that 56% of companies affected by loss or damage to digital media go out of business, due to a vital loss of trading information.  

Contact us today & we will find the perfect safe for your business.

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