Improve Online Security By Using More Robust Passwords


It goes without saying that ensuring your premises is secure is crucial when running a business, but your businesses cyber-security equally as important, so when considering your security needs, don’t forget to think about your online security too, and that often boils down to something as simple as ensuring robust passwords are used.

Almost every business these days uses computers and many need to store sensitive data such as confidential client and customer information, which may require storing for many years.

We’ve put together some information to help you improve your online security. Read on to see our tips.

A Brief History of Password Security

Back in 2003, a manual was published by Bill Burr which was said to provide tips for password security. In his manual, Burr stated that passwords should be changed at least every 90 days, along with the suggestion that passwords should be formulated from mixed up words, incorporating numbers and symbols. An example of what this means would be using ‘S3cur!ty’ as a replacement for ‘security’.

This manual is still to this day being re-published and used as a reputable source for password security tips. The most recent re-release of this publication came out in June 2017 by the US Government National Institute of Standards and Technology.

However, in a very short space of time, cyber-security has come a long way so, over 14 years later are these tips still relevant and more importantly, are they still effective?

Password Security Today 

Since the manuals release 14 years ago, the author has now admitted that his tips may not have been as beneficial as he had hoped. His original guidelines have been revised to almost state the opposite of his suggestions.

Current guidelines state that the requirement for passwords to be regularly changed is no longer necessary. This is due to constant reminders to alter passwords causing the users to only change certain aspects of the password itself. Many people will go from ‘Safe1’ to ‘Safe2’ just to satisfy the company policy to change it. Passwords such as these are easily cracked, which won’t benefit your cyber-security in any way.

Creating Robust Passwords

New suggestions call on businesses to scrap policies in which employees are required to regularly change passwords and instead suggest introducing the use of password manager programmes. These programmes are able to keep a record of any passwords used for accounts but are also password protected themselves.

By using a random mix of words as a password, specifically ones that don’t hold special meaning to the user, they are a lot harder to crack. Passwords such as ‘orangelocknylonrain’ aren’t likely to be figured out by hackers. Adding random capitalisation and other characters will improve your password’s strength further.

Keeping Your Business Secure 

Cyber-security is of course an essential part in ensuring your business is protected, but physical security is just as important. At Associated Security we have a range of commercial and retail safes as well as secure data cabinets to hold confidential documents that you may not wish to keep electronically stored.

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