How do you monitor the keys to your business?


Access control & electronic security measures are ever evolving, resulting in keys becoming the most vulnerable aspect of many access control procedures. Keys are essential for use in a number of areas - lockers, cabinets and vehicles for example, however remain easy to misplace or fall into the wrong hands, unless they are securely locked away into a key cabinet.

The AsSec Tracker 21 is our latest addition in key security, which uses intelligent key tracker management technology. The unit can track and account for up to 21 key sets via fobs attached to each set. All keys and key sets are locked individually within the unit, allowing for only authorised users to remove particular keys. 

The stand alone touch screen system is easy to use, with no requirement for a network connection or a PC. The tracker has full audit trail capabilities which can either be viewed via the integrated touch screen or exported via USB to be viewed on a computer for more in depth analysis allowing for full accountability. 

If you would like more information on the AsSec Tracker21, please contact us here.