How Do Commercial Safes Differ From Domestic Safes


In our latest blog article, we look at some of the ways in which commercial retails safe differ from those used in a domestic home setting.

Safes For Home Use

Our domestic safes are manufactured and designed specifically for the use in homes and domestic dwellings. Part of our range of home safes are AIS Insurance Approved and have been manufactured in UK manufacturing plants.

The range of domestic safes come in a variety of sizes and our double walled construction safes provide an extra layer of security against burglary. We also have domestic safes with thermal insulation in order to protect valuables and documents in the event of a fire.

Domestic safes are used in homes and flats in order to protect valuable items from being stolen in the case of a home intrusion. These safes can be bolted to the floor or wall behind them, making them even more secure as burglars would not be able to leave with the full safe. Free-standing domestic safes can be installed in a variety of places in your home. The most common and recommended places to have your safe installed are, under the stairs, in pantries and in closets. This way the safes are kept out of plain view from visitors or intruders, increasing the protection of your valuables.

Safes For Commercial Busineses

Commercial safes are designed for the use of businesses, particularly in the retail sector. Whether you own a large commercial organisation, or a small independent business having a secure solution for cash storage is of utmost importance. Our retail cash safes provide an excellent deterrent to thieves and include heavy gauge steel construction, along with fire resistance and 2-way bolts for added security. Depending on what you require our safes can come with a range of locking options, such as modern keypad locks, biometric systems and good old-fashioned key locks, we’re sure whatever you need, we can provide.

Many of our commercial safes are also AIS Insurance Approved and can also be bolted to the floor or wall, which is highly recommended. Commercial safes are manufactured for businesses of any size with added security measures to ensure that any cash, valuables or documents you may need to store for your business has sufficient protection.

Deposit safes can have internal coffers installed. An internal coffer is a strong chest or bus that is located at the top of the inside of the safe. These allow the deposited money to be directly placed into the coffer so that staff members who can access the main body of the safe still do not have access to the coffer.

Along with domestic and commercial safes we also offer a large range of security solutions such as access control systems, strong rooms and bespoke solutions. Making sure our customers and clients are always adequately protected.

To find out more about the range of safes, and other security solutions, we offer, get in touch with us or call 0161 832 2777.