Home Security Tips to Help You Beat the Burglars!


Home security is, of course, one of the most important aspects of ensuring your home, family, and possessions are kept safe. By making sure that your home has the sufficient security measures in place, it is possible to beat the burglars and protect your home.

Most people think that securing their home is a costly job, but some of our tips require only a small investment, and some are completely free! In implementing our tips, you’ll be adding another layer of security to your home and contents – helping to minimise the chance of burglars choosing your home as a target.

How to Beat the Burglars

Install a peephole in your front door with a wide angled view 

This way, whenever anyone comes knocking or approaching the door, you’ll be able to see who the person is without opening the door.

Fit door and window alarms

Door and window alarms are inexpensive, but provide an added layer of security. These will alert yourself or neighbours that an intruder has entered the home if the alarms are triggered.

Install pin locks to windows and doors

Increasing the lock security of doors and windows is never a bad idea. Installing pin locks will prevent burglars being able to pick the lock, making your home more secure.

Keep your post secure. 

Many people may not consider mail theft to be a huge security flaw, however, identify fraud and bank card fraud can come about due to information in confidential letters which could be stolen. Installing secure post boxes will help to prevent this occurring.

Install motion sensor security lights outdoors

Motion sensor lighting will draw attention to your home when someone is approaching. As burglars don’t like to be seen, these lights will work as a deterrent. These days you can even get easy-to-install wireless and solar powered security lights, so there really are no excuses!

Secure sheds and outbuildings with robust locks

Installing strong locks onto outbuildings will prevent burglars from gaining access to tools, which could then be used to break into the home.

Sliding doors should have sash jammers installed to add an extra layer of security to the doors, as well as the standard lock.

Lock the internal door that leads into your garage

Always ensure that both the garage door and the door leading from the home into the garage are locked. If someone were to gain access to the garage and the connecting door to the home was open, direct access will be granted for the intruder.

Securing Your Valuables

On top of these tips to help beat the burglar, it would be recommended that a home safe is installed. By having a home safe installed you can be sure that even if someone were to get past all the layers of security you have put in place, the important and valuable items wouldn’t be at risk.

A home safe not only provides security for your belongings, but it also ensures peace of mind is achieved.

At Associated Security, we have a wide range of safes to suit all of your needs, including insurance approved safes and fire-proof safes.

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