Exhibiting at BBA Annual Security Conference


This year marks the 12th Annual BBA Security conference and Associated Security are proud to be exhibiting. 

Since the last event, the importance of strong security solutions has been highlighted to organisations due to a number of high profile security breaches both internationally and locally.  

This year’s discussion topics are based around security threats and the innovations and enhancements to the security solutions available with speakers such as Terri Nicholson, Detective Chief Superintendent Counter-Terrorism Command to Simon Maylam Investigations & Cash Centre Security Audit Manager at the Bank of England giving their thoughts on how to protect your business against terrorist threats and security breaches. Discussions will also look at whether or not organisations are equipped enough to protect themselves against any security breaches. 

The conference give us the chance to showcase our products available to organisations as well as launch some of our latest innovative security solutions. One of the products we will be showcasing at the event will include our Citadel safe, which can be adapted to meet specific client requirements and works well within the banking industry eliminating the risk involved in Cash in Transit deliveries.  

We have further developed the Citadel safe to create our new Interlock Transfer Safe. The safe has 3 separate compartments and a deposit drawer, with access either side of the safe, making it easy to retrieve and deposit cash safely, once again another solution to make sure your branches are secure at extremely high risk times. 

We will also be introducing our range of ATM Locking Bars which are proven to prevent losses to both professionals and members of the public. The system used makes ATM robbery extremely difficult and can resist attacks by drills, grinders and oxyacetylene torches. 

If security is a concern for your organisation, we’d love to speak to you at the event. 

For more information on the event, click here. 

We look forward to seeing you there!