Essential Security Tips For Students


The new university term is just around the corner, and whilst students will be busy running around packing all the essentials and thinking about Freshers week, it’s also important to consider security in your new student digs.

When moving into halls of residence or a shared house in a student area, ensuring security needs are met is just as crucial as any other university essentials you could bring. By ensuring that your valuable items are protected will provide peace of mind when you’re not in your flat or house and reduce the likelihood of having your property targeted by thieves. 

Keeping Your Flat/House Protected

Ensure that you take extra care on move-in day. Many new students will leave their flat or house doors open whilst moving boxes and bags in as this seems easier to do. However, by leaving access points unsecured, this is inviting anyone up into the building. Ultimately you are providing burglars with the opportunity to strike unnoticed.

This is especially important when moving in as you won’t have any idea who is supposed to be there and who isn’t because everyone will be new to you.

Don’t just apply this rule to move-in day, however, it is always important to keep doors locked and secured. Many students will leave doors propped open to allow friends or flatmates easy access, but by doing this, how can you be sure that uninvited people won’t sneak in?

When popping out of the flat or house for a little while, make sure you tell friends or flatmates in person.

One common security issue links to notes or signs being left on doors to inform people you’re out.

Although halls of residence generally have security measures in place to stop unwanted people gaining access, it doesn’t mean people can’t get around that. Leaving notes can provide the wrong people with the knowledge that your room is empty, making it a prime target for burglars.

Statistics on Student Crime

Shockingly, the National Union of Students revealed that one in five students staying away at University or College became a victim of crime. The average cost of break-ins relating to student accommodation stood at £900, which included the repair work needed for damages, and replacement of belongings stolen.

Why Is Security Important for students? 

Personal safety, along with securing valuables, should be of utmost importance to all students. When going out you should ensure that no one is travelling home alone and always use reputable, licensed taxi firms when needed.

When you just start at University, there are so many new things to get your head around, and we understand that remembering all these tips and rules can be difficult. However, by having a home safe in your flat or house, you can ensure that the most valued items are secure, no matter where you are. 

Why a safe is a great investment for students

We have a wide range of domestic safes at Associated Security which would be perfect for any new student to keep their important documents, cash and expensive or sentimental items like jewellery locked away in so that they can’t go missing or be stolen.

View our range of domestic safes or find out more about the security services we offer. If you think that a home safe would be the perfect student security contact us or call 0161 832 2777.