Cash and valuables ratings. What do they mean?


Looking into investing in a domestic or commercial safe can be daunting task, especially when cash and valuable ratings are thrown into the mix. For someone who doesn’t know a great deal about safes and the levels of security they bring, it may be difficult to make a decision on the type of safe you require. Some insurance companies will specify the cash and valuable ratings you require, if they are the ones recommending purchasing a safe to protect your valuables. This is obviously quite handy when you’re not aware of the specifications and how they would benefit you. But, if this isn’t the case, and you’re just looking into improving your home or business security yourself, then we can help clear up the confusion of what you might need. Safe grades have corresponding cash and valuable ratings, which is detailed below in table form.

Grade of Safe

Cash Rating

Valuable Rating

Grade 0



Grade 1



Grade 2



Grade 3



Grade 4



Grade 5



Grade 6












What are cash ratings?

Cash ratings refer to the amount of cash that can be stored within your safe at any given time.

What are valuable ratings?

Valuable ratings refer to the total value of items that can be stored within your safe at any given time.

These factors do not mean that both cash and valuables cannot be stored together. If you wish to keep both cash and valuables inside the safe at the same time, you can work out what can be covered by insurance by deducting the amount of cash you wish to store from the cash rating, and then times the remainder by 10 to give you the remaining total left for valuables.

For example, if your safe has a £6,000 cash rating, the standard valuable rating for this would be £60,000. If you are wishing to store £800 cash inside the safe but also wish to store valuables, working out what is left of your valuable rating can be done like so – 6,000 – 800 x 10 (6000 – 800 = (5200x10) = 52,000.

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