ATM Gas Attack Solution


The latest high risk attack is targeting Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and so affects lots of our customers. We have been researching different solutions to fight these attacks, with a focus on products that can be retrofitted.

The attacks use pressurised gas to explode the safe from within which blows the door and sides off the safe as well as causing damage to the whole surrounding area. Where the attacks have been used on individual ATM pods, we have seen the whole area destroyed and they are incredibly dangerous.

Our solution is an Anti-Explosion Mat (AEM) that is simply fitted inside the Grade III-IV ATM safe and absorbs the power of the explosion rendering the attack useless at opening the safe.

Tests have proven that they successfully reduce both the pressure and number of shocks against the door caused by an explosion and have been awarded VdS approval. A full consultation is required whereby we will discuss with you whether using the AEMs can increase the protection of your ATM estate and by how much. We will consult the list of approved ATM models and make our recommendations.

If you would like a free survey to determine the best options for you, please contact us on 0161 832 2777 or and we will arrange for a trained engineer to come and discuss.