Associated Security to exhibit at Retail Fraud 2015


Retail fraud is becoming an ever growing issue within the UK. Retailers are being targeted by more sophisticated methods of organised crime, resulting in nearly £603m in additional retailer costs in 2014.

Delegates visiting our stand on the day will have the opportunity to learn about new, innovative security products available to retailers. The Installation of our security products can lead to a reduction in the amount of cash stolen, the opportunity for acts of violence against staff and deter threats from taking place. 

According to 2014 Retail Fraud statistics, the value of each robbery is approximately £1,280 with theft and fraud by shoplifters and staff still remaining a significant threat. 

Associated Security have a number of security products designs specifically for the retail sector. One of our effective products designed specifically with retailers in mind is our air tube cash transfer and deposit safe solution. This system allows regular, secure cash drops to be taken directly from the till to a locked safe via air tubes. This system eliminates the risk of attack against staff whilst walking to the cash office, reduces the amount of cash kept on the shop floor that could be potentially stolen and gives staff peace of mind that there is less likely hood of attack against them. 

We are excited to be exhibiting at this year’s event and look forward to listening to the speakers on the day. Experts from the retail field will be discussing key issues facing retailers when it comes to fraudulent activity and ways to tackle it. Speakers include a range of experts in the field of fraud, as well as retailers who deal with retail fraud and losses on a day to day basis. Jayne Snelgrove, Detective Superintendent of the Organised Crime Command will be discussing how organised crime is impacting retailers from a police point of view, and retailers such as Steve Wilkinson, Head of Investigations at Harrods will be discussing how he deals with crime against their stores on a daily basis.

Are you doing enough to protect your business?  

We will be at the event all day ready to answer any questions and queries about how we can improve your security. We look forward to seeing you on the day! To book your free ticket to the event, click here.