AsSec K500 Cash Management Solution Product Spotlight


At Associated Security, we have a wide range of security solutions to suit the needs of all our clientele. Our products vary from commercial solutions for retailers and businesses alike to products for use in domestic situations. When concentrating on retail security solutions, we were able to come up with the AsSec K500 to assist with cash management and provide added security, as well as ease for managers of the store. 

What does the AsSec K500 do?

The AsSec K500 was designed and manufactured as an intelligent cash machine which can save time and money for staff by providing a one-stop solution to back-office cash management. The AsSec K500 has been designed to offer solutions and handle the requirements of the new polymer banknotes and £1 coins.

The AsSec K500 allows automatic cash deposits and withdrawals to be made without manual counting and operates all 9 coin denominations. The banknotes which are deposited within the machine are stacked neatly in packs. Benefits of using the K500 include a reduction of time spent carrying out CIT collections along with an increase in optimisation for staff resources and a reduction of personnel costs.

Which Sectors Are Recommended For The AsSec K500?

The AsSec K500 was specifically designed and manufactured for use within the retail industry as an aid to back-office cash management. However, the K500 is also beneficial in the financial sector and the public sector, providing cash management ease. The AsSec K500 works in the same ways in the retail sector as it does to benefit other sectors such as the recommended financial and public sectors. 

High-Security Solutions 

At Associated Security, we take pride in ensuring that our products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality with the assurance that they will provide the required level of security. The AsSec K500 is just one of many of our high-security products to assist in commercial environments.

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