500k Invest in the Future


As most of our customers will know by now, we bought SMP Security in July this year. Not only has this set us great challenges in combined the two businesses and ensuring a smooth transition for customers old and new; we have also had to consider the manufacturing of safes.

Ever since Stephen and Roy Turner became directors of the company, they have wanted to buy a manufacturing plant so we could truly offer a one stop solution for our customers. As there are only two plants still running in the UK, it was something they and the company felt passionate about trying to keep alive.

To create a more efficient production of safes, we have invested just under £500k back into SMP. A large chunk of this is being spent on new machinery, including a brand new custom built spraying facility including specialist drying ovens to speed
up painting process.

We have also bought new CNC machinery that can be digitally programmed to bend, cut, drill and tap the metal automatically which will decrease time spent per time on manufacture, allowing us to make more safes per week.

In addition to this we have renovated the factory, redesigning the layout and providing new racking, work benches and area
dividers. We have added new extraction units, a state of the art compressed air system throughout the factory and also a new low energy lighting system that will reduce our carbon footprint.

When this is complete, we will be updating the offices meaning we will have a great meeting space in the Midlands to make things a bit easier for our clients in the surrounding areas and the South.