5 ways to improve your home security


Ensuring your home is safe means safe-guarding against theft and protecting your property and valuables.

In this article, we'll take a look at some ways you can help to make your home safer. Read on to see our 5 top tips.

Improving your home security

1. Install a video doorbell/ CCTV/ floodlights

By installing equipment such as these outside your home it allows you to have eyes on your property at all times, even when you are away. The floodlights or movement sensors can alert you that someone is on your property when you are at home and is therefore likely to deter thieves from attempting to break in as it will be more likely they will be caught in the act.

By installing CCTV or a video intercom system this again is likely to prevent your home from being targeted. However if your home were to be burgled then the footage from CCTV or your intercom system would be a crucial component in aiding the police in finding and arresting whoever broke into your home. Currently only 13% of burglaries reported are cleared by police due to the lack of evidence or witnesses, but with video footage of the robbery it is much more likely the thief will be caught and you may be reunited with your stolen possessions. 

2. Use a safety deposit box

If you feel like a home safe wouldn’t be suitable for you and your lifestyle then investing in a safety deposit box is the way to go. By renting your own safety deposit box you are ensuring that any valuables and important documentation that you own – such as passports or your will – are kept in a secure location. This would prevent the items going missing, being misplaced or even stolen.

The Safety Deposit Centre is located in the city centre of Manchester and is the only fully automated Safe Deposit Centre which provides rentals at the best value prices in Manchester. The centre is also the only safe deposit centre in the North West with a Grade 10 vault, which has been manufactured to the highest standard. The boxes can even be insured for up to £100,000 through our approved partners and with boxes starting at just £40 to ensure that your priceless items remain safe it would be absurd not to!

3. Controlled timers for the lights in your home

When going away for any period of time a home owner’s biggest concern is having their house targeted for robbery as it may be obvious that the home is vacant. Timed lights could prevent this worry so that you can enjoy your time away peacefully. The timers can create the illusion that the house is still occupied therefore discouraging anyone considering breaking in.

On top of this solution, another idea would be to give a spare set of keys to a trusted neighbour or friend so that the house can be checked on whilst you’re not there, this would be beneficial as it would prevent post/newspapers piling up which can alert thieves that you are not home.

4. Keep doors and windows locked and secure

This one may seem fairly obvious but a staggering 30% of burglars enter through an unlocked door or window. By leaving these entrances unlocked or even open you are providing easy access to you home which can result in thieves taking advantage of this and stealing from you.

To further secure your windows and prevent someone pushing through them you can put a wooden peg or metal rod in the tracks.

5. Consider investing in a home safe

If you have important documents, valuable items or even items that hold a lot of sentimental value and you feel that a safety deposit box would not be the best choice for you, then you could benefit greatly from owning your own home safe. By choosing a home safe you eliminate the possibility of crucial or expensive items being stolen if your property was ever to be broken into.

The Total Safes online shop is a great place to start looking for a home safe.

There are a wide range of safes available, from safes specifically designed for your laptop – so you won’t have to worry about losing all the data stored on it if it were to be stolen – to under the floor safes, which would ensure your valuables are not only locked away but hidden too.

Safes can also be bolted down to the floor so you’ll never have to worry about someone walking off with the whole thing and all its contents. The safes are delivered and installed by our fully qualified locksmiths and engineers who will also fully brief the customer on how to use the safe to provide the easiest experience for the customer.