5 Key Things To Keep In Your Safe



Any passports/birth certificates 

These are vital documents that are not only expensive to replace but take up a lot of time and hassle trying to do so. If these are kept in a home safe you won’t ever have to worry about them being damaged/lost/stolen.


Expensive valuables such as watches and jewellery 

Keeping these items in your safe when you aren’t home ensures their safety against any possible break ins, we even offer a range of watch winders and jewellery holders to keep these valuables neat, organised and extremely accessible inside your safe.


Legal Documentation such as your bank details, your will or any will you are named as the executor of 

Due to the importance of these documents keeping a copy in your safe would fortify their safety and security so that they are never lost or destroyed. By storing bank details inside your safe you can safeguard this information to be sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Keeping copies or the original certification of your will or any you are named on could save a lot of inconvenience caused if the documentation could not be located upon someone’s death.


Spare house or car keys and the deed/titles to these 

Any spare keys lying around your home are at risk of being stolen if you were to ever be burgled which could result in thieves returning to steal your car or to let themselves back into your property. In making sure these are kept locked away this prevents repeated targeting of your home and possessions. The deed to your home and titles to any cars you may own should also be kept inside your safe as this would reduce the likelihood of them being misplaced.


Insurance information 

If you were ever to be so unfortunate that somebody did break into your home and steal anything not locked away in the safe, the first thing you will need is your insurance information so that you can contact the company to claim for anything that has been taken or for any damages the burglars did to your property.