Success for our latest client!

After months of planning and consultation, Associated’s latest client have successfully opened a state of the art safe deposit centre in Manchester City Centre. 

After having selected a vacant property in an easily accessible part of Manchester City Centre, the client approached us for guidance. After completing a site survey, we were able to advise the client on the best way to develop the property into a state of the art safe deposit centre.

Leading up to the installation we advised on the best vault layout that maximised the number of lockers that could be used. Once this was established, we then carefully planned the access control systems and airlock doors that suited this design, along with other levels of security and internal procedures to ensure the highest levels of security were met. It is important also to work with our client to ensure what best works for them.

Our teams worked tirelessly to install the most advanced strongrooms and safe deposit lockers, interlocking door systems and biometric access controls to proposed time scales – much to the client’s satisfaction. 

The security measures installed are some of the most advanced available on the market. The access control technology used at the centre is a combination of biometric fingerprint, card reader and traditional key lock methods. The vault itself is one of the highest graded we have ever installed. The grade 10 CD EX vault makes the safe deposit centre one of the most secure in the UK. 

“We are really pleased with our opening 1st week, we have been very busy and all of our new customers have been amazed at how safe and secure the Safe Deposit Centre is.”- Centre Manager 

We’re extremely pleased that our work at the safe deposit centre has enabled our client to boast of its high levels of security. We remain in contact with the client to ensure that all security measures meet their needs, and will adapt and expand the security technology as the clients requirements grow. 

Prior to opening the site it was visited by members of New Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad to demonstrate how Safe Deposit Centres should be designed in light of recent events at Hatton Garden, London.

This template will be used for future builds and designs to ensure that the client’s property maintains the highest security standards possible.

We are able to provide step by step guidance to clients when considering setting up a safe deposit centre. For more information, or to speak to an expert call 0161 832 2777.