Strong Rooms & Safe Deposit Centres Design and Build

Associated Security don’t just supply and manufacture safes. Over the years, we have built the knowledge and expertise to provide a comprehensive strong room and safe deposit centre design and build service – offering completion in as little as 8 weeks! We’ve managed a number of projects across the UK for a diverse range of clients with varied requirements.  

We were approached by a small pawnbrokers in London who trade in expensive, luxury jewellery. Looking to expand their business into other areas, they were seeking advice to incorporate safe deposit lockers into their premises. After discussions with the client about their expectations and surveying the site, we were able to design, build and install a strong room to house 1000 safe deposit lockers for use by the pawnbrokers customers. We installed the latest access control technology at the site to ensure maximum security. The pawnbrokers are now bringing in added revenue, whilst providing extra services for their clients. 

An example of a much larger project Associated has managed would be the build and installation of two strong rooms to house a total of 20,000 safe deposit lockers. We were approached by what is now one of the largest Safe Deposit Centres in London to install the strong rooms and lockers across a ground and first floor. Generally, first floor strong room installations pose more complications for the installers. Prior to the installation, a survey was conducted to assess and plan the best access routes to get both the materials and equipment safely to the first floor for the build. In as little as 16 weeks, this safe deposit centre was installed and ready for use by renters.  

But creating a successful safe deposit centre isn’t just about a well-constructed strong room and how many lockers you can fit inside – it’s about the security measures in place too. As part of our strong room and safe deposit centre design service, we recommend and install access control technology to suit our individual client needs. In London, we designed, built and installed a safe deposit centre with the highest levels of security in mind. In order to make this particular safe deposit centre the most secure in London, we installed a number of advanced security measures -  Ballistic proof pay windows, airlock doors and biometric hand and fingerprint readers to name a few. These added layers of security technology allow our clients to remain secure pass on a peace of mind to their clients.

There are always two aspects to protecting a Safe Deposit Centre. The first is day time protocols, these are controlled by biometric locker activation, as well as staff control. The second is night time protection by way of an intruder detection system which covers all forms of attack through doors, windows, walls and ceilings which can be detected and monitored through IP Dial Up cameras, live audible warnings, as well as initiating police response.

If you have any requirements, or would like more information on our strongroom and safe deposit centre services, please call 0161 823 2777.