Safe Innovation for High Street Banking Group

A large high street banking group approached Associated Security Solutions Ltd (ASSL) after the supply and installation of 700 time delay locks over their estate to explore other cash protection options. Where a time delay lock is fitted, the branch has a secondary safe which works on one key lock. This is used to store cash temporarily before cash collection or after cash delivery whilst the branch waits for the 10 minute delay period to run. However, this means there is still a short amount of time that the cash is vulnerable and highly susceptible to theft.


Following meetings, site visits and feedback from branches, as well as previous individual branch surveys that were carried out, ASSL designed and produced a brand new safe named the Citadel. This was specifically created to remove any time period of vulnerability of cash, as well as maintaining the time delay feature.

The Citadel safe is made up of 3 sections. The top is a safe with one key lock on the outer door, and 4 separate cupboards inside that work from another key. Each of these cupboards is key retaining, so that only one cupboard can be open at any one time and must be locked before another can be opened. These are used for temporary cash storage when the branch is awaiting a cash collection. The middle section is a drop drawer that opens horizontally so that cash bags from a cash delivery can be put in. When the drawer is closed these cash bags drop through in to the bottom part. The bottom section is a safe with a time delay lock and key lock on.

The time delay lock requires the entry of the same code twice, with a 10 minute delay period between the entries. Therefore, no-one is able to open the safe until 10 minutes has passed. ASSL also implicated fitting bright yellow signage on the outside of the branch and on the safe to inform people that time delay devices are fitted inside. This discourages potential threats to the security of the branch and the cash.

We trialled these safes in a number of branches across the North West and following early positive feedback, we started a rollout programme in September 2009. Further programmes followed every year and to date we have supplied and installed 400 Citadel drop safes for this client.

This has led to other major high street banking groups requesting a similar product and we have re-designed and adapted the product to suit over 4 other clients as well as a convenience store and the UK’s largest chain of fast food restaurants.