Lock Innovation for High Street Banking Group

A large high street banking group approached Associated Security Solutions Limited (ASSL) following a number of thefts across their estate. These raids focused on attacking the main bulk cash safe which resulted in large amounts of money being stolen from branches within the UK.


ASSL arranged site visits to every branch and studied their inner workings to come up with an overall solution that would be relevant to each individual branch. ASSL then analysed the reports and findings and then prepared a project proposal to rectify the security breaches that had been experienced by the banking group, with the aim to reduce the impact of these breaches. ASSL focused on minimising the amount of cash that would be readily accessible to thieves.

We suggested the supply and installation of a 39E time delay lock on the main bulk cash safe. This safe lock requires the entry of the same code twice, with a 10 minute delay period between the entries. Therefore, no-one is able to open the safe until 10 minutes has passed.

ASSL also implemented fitting bright yellow signage on the outside of the branch and on the safe to inform people that time delay devices are fitted inside. This discourages potential threats to the security of the branch and the cash.

We spoke with our suppliers and made sure they could meet the high demand and ordered our stock accordingly.

We rolled the programme out over a 6 week period to meet the fast demand. Following this, we divided our engineers up across different areas of the UK and assigned their jobs to ensure full and efficient coverage.

Since September 2008, we have installed approximately 2800 39E time delay locks at these branches with a high success rate.