Key Innovation for European Sports Retailer

A European sports retail group approached Associated Security Solutions Limited (ASSL) as they were having problems with area mangers being unable to access all branches within their area of supervision and security companies not being able to access branches to immobilise alarms after a security breach has been overcome. There were also issues of inconveniency in that 7 or 8 keys were needed in each branch as all the doors were on different key locks.


ASSL arranged site visits to record the asset registry and liaised with members of the Retail Group Security team to create an overall solution that would solve all three issues as raised above.

ASSL then prepared a project proposal that focused on the production and supply of master keys that would be held by authorised members of staff. ASSL will keep records of the asset registry of each branch and hold a grand master key that can be used to gain entry, carry out works and then immobilise and reset alarms. There will also be a master key held by the area manager which can open all doors within the branches under their supervision.

Ethical and environmental issues are important to ASSL and so we have devised a way to recycle key cylinders when keys are lost. The replacement keys are made up of the old cylinders with new pins adjusted to suit.

Since June 2008 we have set up this system at over 1000 branches with a high success rate.